Why "Bootleg"?

Inspired by the Maricopa County 100 Miles in 100 Days Challenge but put off by the expense (almost $100) and stringent location restrictions, we decided to start our own, more inclusive version. Thus, we created the “bootleg” edition of the 100 in 100 Challenge. Take your favorite local or state-wide hikes -- Any established trail in Arizona is fair game

Our Bootleggers are a diverse, ragtag crew - anyone is welcome to join!

Join The Club

Sign up here to become a Bootlegger. We'll send you an email to complete your registration.

Membership costs $20 and grants you:
- Guided local and state-wide group hikes and runs
- Exclusive pint glass... if you complete the challenge!
- Access to our Bootleggers-only Facebook group
- Invites to exclusive events, including social hours and the Bootleg After Party (After Party TBD -- We'll take Covid into account)
- Access to our Challenge Hound records group, where you'll be able to track your own progress and see the progress of others, including leader boards. Integrate with Strava for automatic submission (new this year - yay!), or easily manually enter your mileage
- Lifelong memories and a fabulous community of local adventurers!

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