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Returning Bootlegger Membership
Returning Bootlegger Membership
We're excited to see you again. You're almost in for round 2! Click "Complete Registration" below to pay your discounted membership dues. From there, you'll receive an email with instructions for record keeping and links to our private Challenge Hound and Facebook groups.

Membership grants you:
- Guided local and state-wide group hikes and runs
- Exclusive pint glass... if you complete the challenge!
- Access to our Bootleggers-only Facebook group
- Invites to exclusive events, including social hours and the Bootleg After Party (After Party TBD -- We'll take Covid into account)
- Access to our Challenge Hound records group, where you'll be able to track your own progress and see the progress of others, including leader boards. Integrate with Strava for automatic submission (new this year - yay!), or easily manually enter your mileage
- Lifelong memories and a fabulous community of local adventurers!
Legal stuff: AZ Bootleg 100, its co-hosts, representatives, and affiliates are not responsible for any injury, loss or theft or damage of property, or other incidents that occur before, during, after, or relating to AZ Bootleg 100 activities. You agree to these terms by joining AZ Bootleg 100 as a member ("Bootlegger") and/or by attending AZ Bootleg 100 events.
We (the co-hosts, representatives, and affiliates of AZ Bootleg 100) reserve the right to use any media taken (e.g. photography, videography, audio, etc.) during these activities for future marketing purposes.
If you would like to opt out of having your image or likeness shown, please email adventure@azbootleg100.com.
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