Why "Bootleg?"
  • Inspired by the Maricopa County 100 Miles in 100 Days Challenge but put off by the expense (almost $100) and stringent location restrictions, we decided to start our own, more inclusive version. Thus, we created the “bootleg” edition of the 100 in 100 Challenge.
  • Our Bootleggers are a diverse, ragtag crew - anyone is welcome to join!

I signed up, but haven't been receiving any emails from you.
  • Check your spam/junk and promotions folders.
  • For future emails, add adventure@azbootleg100.com to your address book.
  • If you still haven't seen any, send us an email or DM.

What counts as a "trail?"
  • Merriam-Webster defines a trail as: (1): a track made by passage especially through a wilderness;
    (2): a marked or established path or route especially through a forest or mountainous region
  • If it's in nature and is primarily used for hiking/trail running/mountain biking, it probably counts as a trail for us.
  • Bushwhacking through the wilderness will count if you can record that mileage.
  • Please reach out if you have questions.

What does NOT count toward my mileage?
  • Roads primarily used for vehicle traffic
  • Sidewalks
  • Taking a walk around the block in your neighborhood
  • Road races
  • Out-of-state hikes/trail runs
  • This is on the honor system, so please be mindful!

Do I have to use Strava to record my activites?
  • No. You need either a Facebook or Strava account to sign up for Challenge Hound, but you can manually input your activities on Challenge Hound's website without using Strava to record them.
  • Check out the tutorial below.

I can see my activity in the "activities" tab in Challenge Hound, but it's not populating in the AZ Bootleg 100 challenge page.
  • Only activities labeled "hike" in Strava or CH will show up in the AZ Bootleg 100 challenge page.
  • If you just changed the label in Strava, wait a few minutes for CH to register the change.
  • If it's still not showing up, manually input your information using the "add activity" button under your "activities" tab.

Challenge Hound Intro & Tutorial Video:
STRAVA 101. A Beginner's Guide to using STRAVA:


If you have any further questions, please send us an email at adventure@azbootleg100.com or a message on Instagram or Facebook.

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