Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why “Bootleg?”

    • Inspired by several other challenges and guided hikes around Arizona but turned off by the expense and location restrictions, we decided to start our own, more inclusive “Bootleg” version. Take your favorite local or state-wide hikes -- Any established trail in Arizona is fair game. We only charge $20 to join, which gives you access to our personal mileage/trail tracking program, exclusive groups and meetups with fellow Bootleggers, and covers prize and after party costs.

  • What constitutes a “trail?”

    • MW defines trail as “(1): a track made by passage especially through a wilderness; (2): a marked or established path or route especially through a forest or mountainous region”

    • We go on the honor system for this. Generally, if you’re trapezing through a wilderness area and there’s not an established “trail” (don’t forget to follow LNT principles!), that’s totally OK. If you’re running every day on the canal path…that doesn’t count for us. The idea of the challenge is to get you out in nature!

  • How do I participate?

    • Sign up + pay the membership fee.

    • Clock 100mi total on Arizona trails using our program between December 1st - March 10th.

    • Those miles can be spaced however you like — some Bootleggers run a 100mi race and be done, some Bootleggers do 1mi/day, some do the 7ish miles per weekend. Whatever works for you

    • Optional: come to some group hikes and/or trail runs, social hours, the after party. The Facebook group is a great place to find social hikes, as well :)

  • I can’t find the email to sign up…

    • Check your junk/spam folders! The email will come from

  • How do I use Challenge Hound? Strava?

    • Scroll down for tutorials!

Tutorial for Challenge Hound

Tutorial for Strava

Registration is closed for 2021-22, but sign up below and we’ll send you an email when registration opens for next season.

Fill out this form and check your email for the next steps!

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