About The Co-Hosts

Maggie (@magsexplores) and Daniel (@southpark2southmountain) met via Instagram in 2019 and eventually went on a hike together up Picketpost Mountain. We had a blast (even with getting a little lost/off trail) and were amazed by how easily social media had brought two strangers with a love for the outdoors together, resulting in a great friendship. We created AZ Bootleg 100 to expand that experience to other people, creating a community of adventurers that otherwise would have been very unlikely to meet.

Maggie moved to Arizona in the summer of 2017. She'd been hiking a few times in her life and was raised outdoorsy, but moving to Arizona has made her into a full-fledged hiking/camping/backpacking addict. She frequently hikes and camps with friends around the state.

Daniel moved to Arizona at the beginning of 2018. He'd been road running for years, then started hiking when he and his wife moved near South Mountain. He intended to hike all the trails on South Mountain, but picked up trail running to complete the challenge more quickly (he has long since completed that challenge and is our in-house SoMo expert!).

Some fun facts about us:
Would you rather hike or trail run?
Maggie: Hike
Daniel: Trail Run

Favorite area of Arizona to explore?
Maggie: Grand Canyon
Daniel: Northern AZ/Flagstaff

Favorite Beverage?
Maggie: Fresh squeezed lemonade, also margaritas
Daniel: Hard seltzers (especially Truly lemonades)

Favorite song to sing in the car?
Maggie: Don’t Stop Me Now - Queen
Daniel: Lose Yourself - Eminem
Maggie & Daniel laughing on top of Peak 5057
Maggie & Daniel on Flatiron
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